About Us

Software Development Group

With more that 3 years in web development, , A/V production, graphic design, web marketing, IT, and management experience. Within the past 3 years our group has developed the skill of designing and developing websites and graphics from a blank page. Projects have included multiple web sites, portals, content management systems, database migrations, and development with PHP, Ajax, JS, XML, XHTML, JHTML, CSS, etc. Project I have developed are large-scale websites, web banners, custom graphics, A/V production, CMS systems, SEO/SEM. IT maintenance, and network admin. I also have years of experience working direct with clients at all corporate levels including, CEO?s, CTO,



• Experience in online payment development
• Leading process improvement and developing new processes to improve MIMAXGroup's current development infrastructure
• Using lots of JavaScript to develop rich, responsive client interfaces
• Designing, documenting, and maintaining product architecture congruent with technology and market trends
• Elegantly implementing page designs in standards compliant PHP,SQL,JAVA,C#,MYSQL HTML/HTML5, CSS and Java Script
• Collaborating with the team to define the information architecture, advocating web interaction design best practices with a focus on consistency, usability and testability
• Mentoring Junior Software Developers
• Participating in software design process with the product team
Becoming a MIMAXGroup evangelist within the company to your co-workers, and outside the company to clients and potential clients